Hi there! I am Lee. I’m originally from Philadelphia, but have lived in Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Wuhan China and in Brooklyn. I am now back in Philadelphia. In a past life, I ate nachos semi-professionally. My thoughts on nachos have been in Buzzfeed, Food52, and Thrillist and I’ve appeared on The Sporkful podcast and Eat Your Words podcast with my co-author Rachel Anderson.

My nacho lifestyle has wound down a bit since publishing Ultimate Nachos in 2013, but I still work with the internet. I’ve worked on Social Media strategy with brands and publications, eCommerce for Finnish design house Marimekko and currently a PM at eCommerce development agency Weblinc.

In the last few years, I’ve gotten married, learned a bunch of Japanese words, learned how to ride a bicycle and rode my first 80 mile-ride. I also have a son whose favorite words are “ball” and “berry.”

I am available for freelance blogging and ecommerce consulting. Email me.