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Facebook’s On This Day feature is actually one of my favorite features on Facebook. I login in the morning to see what I was writing about back in 2008 or 2011. Sometimes it’s obvious what the topic of my history will be: birthdays, anniversaries, nacho event days, but I sometimes it is a great surprise. Recently, I’ve been seeing VERY old blog posts from Wuhan Got You All In Check, my travel blog for my year in Wuhan. I am aware the name is kind of incredible. I’ve long thought that these blog posts were had vanished from the internet since I let the domain and hosting on the site to expire, but  to my surprise the posts automatically became notes on Facebook and they’ve been reappearing up in On This Day.

Many of the posts are throwaways that I don’t understand, but some are take me back to my days abroad. I’d like to present some of them on this site. for example on my reacclimation to the US after 10 months in Wuhan.

The Idea of Reverse Culture Shock from July 7, 2008:

A year has past and it seems now that the things I find strange aren’t the live turtles in Walmart or the celebrity status of a foreigner, but instead things I must have loved or just took as normal before. This post is the beginning of my series of posts related to things that I have seen in my time back in America that has freaked me out to the point of overwhelmity.

The first one is the cheese department of any major grocery store. The day after I came back, I went into a Genaurdi’s to find some shredded Mexican cheese, because I sort of remembered that existed. As I wandered to through the vast quantities of choices to the far reaches of the dairy section, I saw the cheese section. It would send any of my Chinese buddies into a cardiac arrest, especially since I don’t think they like cheese. But for me, someone who saw these items for 23 years to go away for less than 1 year and come back scared, I bet you cannot even believe it.

Can you think of a culture shock event in your life? Or even better, when you came home, what shocked you the most?

I can actually remember that feeling – I looked at the aisle and was overcame with choices. The other feeling I have wishing I could edit that post.

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